AI in medcical affairs

AI in Medical Affairs: Redefining Quality Content Creation in the Healthcare Sector

“Is AI good enough to create the content I need?”
I’m often asked this question when I meet marketing professionals in the pharma industry who are eager to harness the power of artificial intelligence in their operations. But we need to frame the question differently to get a meaningful answer: “In the era of generative AI, who decides what good content is?” If you approach the question from this perspective, you start to understand that AI is one part of a workflow and process, not the beginning and end of content production. Instead, it will augment human content creation, with humans making the key decisions about creative direction, quality, and compliance. The intelligent use of AI is very much a human endeavour. However, the need for augmenting human effort is beyond doubt.

Wow vs How Rethinking content creation in Pharma and Healthcare

‘Wow’ versus ‘How’: Rethinking Content Creation in Pharma and Healthcare

The quest for ‘wow’ in content creation often overshadows the need for meaningful substance, particularly in pharma and healthcare. Sabine Louët, Founder of SciencePOD, highlights the dilemma facing marketers: achieving a ‘wow’ factor that attracts attention while ensuring the content remains credible, relevant, and clear. The article delves into how healthcare professionals (HCPs) prioritise content that is not only attention-grabbing but also trustworthy and scientifically robust.

Martin Møller Novo Nordisk

Omnichannel, data, and the HCP portal experience

Interview with Martin Møller, Global Director Omnichannel & CX Excellence, Novo Nordisk  Martin Møller is the Global Director of Omnichannel & CX Excellence at Novo Nordisk. He is scheduled to speak at the Pharma Omnichannel HCP Engagement Conference, 23-24 May 2024, in Lisbon, at a session titled ‘Omnichannel Engagement Track: The HCP Portal as the …

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Overcoming siloed thinking on the journey to omnichannel engagement

Interview with Laëtitia Bouérat Duvold, Senior Director & Head of Global Medical Affairs Excellence, Lundbeck Laëtitia Bouérat Duvold, Senior Director & Head of Global Medical Affairs Excellence at Lundbeck, is scheduled to speak at the NEXT Pharma Summit in Dubrovnik, 14-15 May 2024 in a session entitled “Medical engagement and its place in Omnichannel. How …

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Rejuvenating engagement models and customer-centric strategies

Jens Christmann, Global Head of Customer Insights and Omnichannel Engagement at Mundipharma, emphasises the importance of customer-centric approaches over technology-first strategies in enhancing engagement with healthcare professionals (HCPs). Speaking to SciencePOD ahead of his presentation at the NEXT Pharma Summit 2024, Christmann shares insights on leveraging omnichannel engagement to improve customer satisfaction and operational excellence. Despite the challenges of adapting to AI and digital trends, particularly for midsize companies, Mundipharma focuses on understanding HCP needs and executing with precision. Christmann highlights the significance of cross-functional collaboration and the need for a balanced approach to technology and customer service to drive better healthcare outcomes.

Detecting fraud in scientific publications: the perils and promise of AI – Interview with Cyril Labbé

In a revealing interview, Cyril Labbé, a computer science professor at the Grenoble Informatics Laboratory, shares his expert insights on the emerging role of AI in detecting fraud in scientific publications. He highlights the challenges and potential of AI tools, like ChatGPT, in identifying problematic papers, and stresses the importance of human expertise in discerning the validity of scientific content. Labbé’s perspective sheds light on the evolving landscape of scientific publishing and the critical need for a balanced approach between technological solutions and skilled human analysis.

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