Science Publisher: Elsevier

“As marketing communications manager for almost 100 Physics journals, it’s often difficult to keep track of all the brilliant research that is being published at Elsevier. We reached out to Sabine at SciencePOD who, together with a team of scientific writers, go through our journals and pick out interesting research that could be of interest to the wider scientific community— and even the general public. The writers liaise with the authors directly and write easy-to-read stories based on the original scientific articles.

The process is smooth and well-organised. Once we share the stories on our journal and social media platforms, it often results in more downloads of the original paper and more exposure for the researcher.

I would recommend SciencePOD for your scientific writing needs.”

Darren Sugrue | Marketing Communications Manager – Physics, Elsevier, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Science Publisher: Springer Nature

“I would recommend SciencePOD to anyone who is looking for a reliable team of experts in science communication. SciencePOD’s writers not only produce great copy, but they are a pleasure to work with. The EPJ consortium has been working with them for several years and we particularly appreciate what they offer in terms of flexibility and adaptability – they listen to our needs and are able to interface very effectively with or in-house staff and our internal workflow.

Our authors love being in the spotlight and the service SciencePOD offers is second to none in terms of consistency and accuracy to raise the profile of the research we publish. On many occasions we have seen the benefits of this service, which helps us increase the visibility of and attract wider interest to the technical research papers we publish. Physics isn’t the easiest of subjects and attracting attention to our papers is a great achievement. We couldn’t have made it without our collaboration with SciencePOD.”

Dr Maria Bellantone, Senior Publishing Editor, European Physical Journals (EPJ), Springer Nature, Dordrecht, The Netherlands.

 SciencePOD content about champagne for The European Physical Journal led to New York Times coverage.

Pan-European Association of Scientists: EuroScience

“Sabine Louët was selected as the new editor of EuroScientist magazine in 2012 on the basis of her very clear programme to reinvigorate the journal as a web magazine that should become a central platform for information, opinions and discussions about science, scientists and the relations of science and society. She has made a major difference, not least thanks to SciencePOD’s network of contacts in the world of science journalists and media more generally and her ability to attract authors of high quality. Her idea of publishing regularly special issues, to begin with one on the consequences of austerity policies for scientists in especially Southern and South Eastern European countries, has turned out to be very successful. She has been a major factor in establishing EuroScientist magazine, next to the EuroScience Open Forum (ESOF) and major science policy debates, as a key element in the visibility of EuroScience.”

Peter Tindemans, Secretary General of the pan-European association of scientists, EuroScience, Strasbourg, France.

Below is some feedback from Lieve Van Woensel, the Head of Foresight Service at the European Parliament, related to EuroScientist special issue on Uberisation of Science.

European Science Charity: La Caixa Foundation

“My experience of commissioning a report with SciencePOD was positive on all accounts: the team maintained a professional relationship, their personal communication was excellent throughout the project and they provided a superb quality report!

I would recommend using SciencePOD if you need to create complex editorial projects, like reports or magazines, where having high-quality content is paramount.”

Ignasi López Verdeguer, Director of the Department of Science and Fellowships, La Caixa Foundation, Barcelona, Spain.

Start-up: Microbide Ltd, a disinfectants delivery company

“Microbide took a strategic decision to publish certain of our scientific biocidal studies and data in a creative way to appeal to non-scientists. We wanted to increase our reputation and engagement among consumers, non-scientists, and potential investors.

We went to SciencePOD to help us reach out to these new target audiences.

The experience was gentle, non-intrusive, and extremely helpful. The reaction to the published output continues to this day.

So the result has paid back many more dividends than we could have imagined at the outset. We are now developing an educational programme for each of our product areas, and SciencePOD will play a critical role in this going forward.”

Mary G. Skelly, Chief Executive Officer, biotech company Microbide Ltd, Dublin, Ireland.

Startup: Avia-GIS, a satellite monitoring company

“Whilst we are a Company heavily involved in Contract Research work, we have had a good experience working [with SciencePOD] in science writing. We especially appreciated the experience of [SciencePOD’s] team to translate our texts into ‘layman’s speech’. In other words, to make it understandable!

The flexibility in the way [SciencePOD] works made this a very smooth and pleasant experience. We only needed a few Skype contacts with [the] team for [them] to understand our needs. We definitely would recommend others to try SciencePOD! “

Guy Hendrickx, CEO, Avia-GIS, Belgium referring to the creation of the entire written content for the Vecmap product website.

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