Discover SciencePOD Use Cases

Make the most of your digital content to drive engagement

Conference and Webinar Activations Icon

Conference and webinar activation

Create digital teaser content (text, video, audio, infographic) to increase the number of attendees at conferences or webinars

Amplify Marketing Campaign Uptake Icon

Amplify marketing campaign uptake

Creation of digital content assets used as touchpoints to boost customer engagement in marketing campaigns

Stakeholders Engagement with PLS icon

Drive stakeholders engagement with PLS

Create Plain Language Summaries (PLS) of research studies to educate, inform and influence stakeholders

Boost Attractiveness Icon

Boost medical or
scientific portals' attractivity

Ongoing creation of digital assets to populate medical or scientific portals

Use AI to increase productivity Icon

Use AI-Hybrid content to increase productivity

AI-Hybrid content (based on an AI-generated draft that is quality checked by an expert editor) supports quicker and cheaper delivery of medical and scientific communication

Stimulate HCP and Patient Engagement Icon

Stimulate HCP and patient engagement

Summarised medical or scientific content helps to attarct the attention of targeted audiences

Discover the ScioWire research newsfeed: summarised scientific knowledge ready to digest.