Achieve higher engagement with scientific and medical congresses and webinars

Conference, congress and webinar activation

Create digital teaser content (text, video, audio, infographic) to increase the number of attendees at conferences, congresses and webinars and extend impact from these events.

When pharma companies and science publishers need to increase participant numbers of medical congresses or virtual events and achieve long-term gains from these events, they turn to SciencePOD to create teaser digital content that drives attendance and extends the lifespan and impact of events.


  • Client Profile

    Global pharma companies or global scholarly publishers.

  • Location


  • Service Type

    Creation of summarised digital assets designed to provide value to target audiences before, during and after a scientific conference, medical congress or webinar event.

  • Duration

    • For 3 months before the event
    • As live coverage during the event
    • For 6-9 months post-event (extending the shelf-life of the event and optimising and personalising event-derived content)

  • Previous Clients

    Wiley, Sanofi and other global Pharma clients.

  • Key Challenge

    Generate interest and engagement from audiences with varied content preferences and learning styles, and extend span of event’s impact.

  • Content Solution

    Teaser digital assets in text, video, podcast and infographic format and in optimal length for differing content consumption habits, learning styles, and channel preferences.

  • Outcome

    • Increased the number of people attending the event by 2 to 3 fold
    • Higher ROI from lower cost of content marketing compared to traditional marketing. Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and generates about 3 times as many leads. (Source: DemandMetric)
    • Net Promoter Score Sanofi case study: pre-event sharing of contextual information valued by 86% of recipients (HCPs) and live coverage valued by 63% of recipients surveyed.

  • Features: Multimedia digital content

    • Available in text, infographic, video animation, video and podcast interview formats.
    • Option to create AI-Hybrid content, based on an AI-generated draft in text, video and infographic format complemented by quality checks by a professional editor.

  • Benefits

    • Increase the number of event attendees, and boost event impact on segmented audiences through content that delivers key messages to stakeholders unable to attend.
    • Quickly create large quantities of multimedia content assets suitable for multiple campaigns across channels and aimed at different audience segments.


Webinars, live scientific conferences and medical congresses are key to sharing the latest research or product updates. They require significant human and material resources to plan and run. However, the reach and impact of these events are limited to the number of live-event attendees and often to their attendance in specific sessions. To remedy this, the pharma and science/medical publishing industries are looking for solutions that will:
• Increase customers’ attendance levels at live events.
• Increase the overall audience for these events beyond live-event attendees and extend the shelf-life and impact of events for greater ROI.

SciencePOD solution

• Content assets with focused messaging for multiple targeted engagement campaigns pre-, during, and post-event.
• Carefully planned and implemented content that stretches event impact over several months and provides feedback opportunities to refine messaging and content formats throughout the expanded lifespan of an event.
• Summarised content derived from information prepared for and presented during the event, maximising the value of event presentations and presenters, insights derived from event-related tactics, and the event itself.
• Teams of writers and editors with subject-matter or medical expertise and multimedia producers working collaboratively through SciencePOD’s workflow platform to deliver quality-checked text, infographic, video and podcast digital assets to deadline.
• Option to partially automate production with AI-Hybrid content, where a first draft is generated by AI tools and then complemented by quality checks from a human editor with subject-matter expertise.


SciencePOD’s expertise in creating summarised digital assets allows our clients to focus and refine messaging, streamline content creation, and scale production of content derived from information presented at scientific conferences, medical congresses or webinars. As part of pre-, during, and post-event customer engagement campaigns, SciencePOD content helps extend the shelf-life of the event, reach wider audiences, and provide greater value to segmented audiences based on the content they are looking for and on the platforms they prefer.

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