HCP Engagement Insights from Pharma Thought Leaders

A collection of interviews with experts in medical affairs, customer engagement and marketing

Collection of interviews HCP engagement insights from pharma thought leaders

Over the past three years, we’ve conducted a series of enlightening interviews with thought leaders and experts at the forefront of medical affairs, customer engagement and marketing. This collection brings together these valuable insights, straight from some of the sharpest minds in pharma.

Our primary rationale for compiling these interviews is to surface crucial issues, burning questions, and key learnings that are shaping the rapidly evolving landscape of the pharma industry. The perspectives shared by these industry leaders offer a unique window into the challenges and opportunities in educating and partnering with healthcare professionals (HCPs) and communicating the latest clinical and scientific advancements as well as new product launches.

Several overarching themes emerge from these conversations. Digital strategy and transformation emerge as a key focus, as pharma executives teams navigate the shift towards more technologically-enabled engagement. Enhancing the HCP and customer experience in an increasingly digital world is another salient topic. The interviews also explore the evolving role of omnichannel strategies in delivering cohesive, personalised interactions across touchpoints. Cutting across all of these areas is the growing impact of innovative technologies like AI in transforming content creation, information delivery, and stakeholder interactions, and re-thinking the customer journey to enhance the customer experience.

By curating these insights, we hope to foster knowledge-sharing, spark new ideas, and catalyse discussions that help move the medical affairs function forward. We invite you to dive into the wealth of expertise contained in this collection – and glean the learnings that will propel your own strategies and initiatives.

This interview series includes the perspectives of senior digital leaders from:

  • Novartis
  • MSD Nordics & Baltics
  • Roche
  • GSK
  • Lundbeck
  • AstraZeneca
  • Ferring
  • Mundipharma
  • UCB
  • BioMarin

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