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Medical Writers, Create A Profile And Start Your Journey With SciencePOD!

Who We Are?

  • A community of top medical and science writers, journalists, editors, proofreaders, designers and multimedia creators producing excellent content to order
  • The founders of an intuitive platform, allowing you to pick and choose the commissions we propose to you, and map the progress of each job you accept
  • A strong, supportive, communicative network, with fair, transparent rates and conditions

SciencePOD is a science content provider, working with individuals and organisations to communicate science clearly and accurately. We are looking for freelance medical  writers and editors to help us build our team and deliver more amazing stories.

We also save you having to pitch again and again, with direct commissions based on your expertise and language skills. Accept or decline with one click and we’ll let you know when it’s your turn to step in.

What We Do?

At SciencePOD, we receive commissions for a variety of medical communication or content marketing and medical education projects. These range from presentations, KOL video and podcast interviews, clinical research news stories to whitepapers, brochures, e-books, microsite content, infographics, and even specialised social media posts for content marketing. For each job, we allocate a specialist medical writer sometimes, combined with a multimedia producer, to create the work. Then we bring in an editor to ensure quality control and a proofreader for final polishing (text only). We communicate as a team and manage the content via our SciencePOD platform.

As a freelancer, you have expertise in your field, but working solo can be limiting. SciencePOD puts together teams of creators, allowing you to deliver complex, sometimes multi-channel content. We ensure writers, editors, proofreaders, designers and multimedia creators work well together and communicate throughout the process.

How We Work?

Step 1


Register for free with SciencePOD, giving your role, experience and areas of clinical expertise. Upload a CV, add some clippings, share your social media links and tell us about yourself.

Step 2


SciencePOD’s commissioning editors review your profile and assign you jobs that play to your strengths and language skills. You can then decide whether to accept or decline each job.

Step 3


Once you have accepted a job, you will receive a notification when it’s your turn to work on the job. You submit your work via our cloud-based platform. After receiving client feedback, simply review and resubmit.

Step 4


When the job is complete, send in your invoice. We aim to pay within 30 days.

Why Work With SciencePOD?

  • If you fancy applying your medical writing skills to new content formats and enjoy focusing on shorter assignments, look no further
  • By becoming a freelance medical writer in the SciencePOD community, you will enjoy freedom and flexibility to work within your own schedule.
  • You no longer need to spend hours looking for your next job. Instead, we approach you with commission work for major clients on a range of topics, and we value great writers.
  • Commissions are allocated on the basis of medical expertise and previous experience, as well as geographical and language requirements.
  • Rates are calculated per job and depend on the complexity of the work and the amount of work required, estimate to be on average between 10 and 20 hours per project. We pay standard market rate.
  • Refer a fellow creator to SciencePOD and receive priority for future jobs.

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