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Access the latest open-access research

Curate your own newsfeed with AI-generated summaries of the latest studies

SciencePOD’s ScioWire beta service delivers summaries of the latest scientific and clinical publications as newsfeeds, to help inform users' key decisions

ScioWire beta uses AI to generate clear summaries of the latest open-access (OA) research and of selected publications across all scientific and clinical fields

Using sophisticated natural language processing algorithms, ScioWire beta turns complex studies into bite-size briefings in seconds

Why use summarisation solutions by ScioWire?

  • Changing consumption habits

    The content consumption habits of knowledge economy professionals are changing.

  • Credible research delivered

    ScioWire beta delivers credible, evidence-based research findings to those who need them most.

  • Staying current challenge

    With over 2.5 million scientific papers published each year, it’s no wonder researchers, consultants, businesses, policymakers, students and journalists struggle to stay up to date.

  • Summaries Increase Impact

    Summaries draw an audience’s attention to original research, yielding a much higher impact than the full-text article alone.

Key benefits for your audience of professionals

• Boost productivity
• Curate and shape your feed

• Save time on background work
• Access open research in digestible chunks

• Focus on important sources
• Increase your team's efficiency

The ScioWire Widget builds better engagement

  • Convenience

    Custom newsfeeds deliver summaries of the latest relevant research to your target audience on your chosen webpage.

  • Awareness

    Captures your target audience by offering research monitoring and productivity for individual researchers, doctors and clinicians

  • Engagement

    A dynamic way for innovative businesses to: highlight new clinical and scientific discoveries through custom newsfeeds and engage their target audiences with the on-demand summarisation feature.

  • Flexibility

    Agile tool that can be embedded in any corporate or event website with a few lines of code

  • Language accessibility

    Automatic translation tool allows users to access summaries in their chosen language

  • Relevance

    Advanced filtering options allow users to specify keywords, dates, journals, publishers, institutions, etc

A push-pull approach

Get the right evidence to the right audience


Widget deliver personalised feeds, summarising the most relevant research studies


Widget grants access to the SUMMSci on-demand AI-summarisation tool

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Case Study

“Our pilot project shows that AI can be successfully used to create content quickly and at scale, and to add value to healthcare professionals’ clinical practice”

– Jose Maria Guido Avila, Global Brand Lead of HCP Marketing, Sanofi

Discover the ScioWire research newsfeed: summarised scientific knowledge ready to digest.