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How it works

SciencePOD’s ScioWire delivers the latest open-access research in any field to inform and aid key decisions. In a matter of seconds, ScioWire generates clear, concise AI summaries of the latest scientific publications. 

Why use ScioWire? The content consumption habits of knowledge economy professionals are changing. ScioWire delivers credible, evidence-based research findings to those who need them most. 

With over 2.5 million scientific papers published each year, it’s no wonder researchers, consultants, businesses, policymakers, students and journalists struggle to keep up to date. 

ScioWire helps you create specialist newsfeeds, customised by keywords. Each feed comprises AI-generated summaries of the latest technical publications in science, technology and medicine. Using sophisticated natural language processing algorithms, ScioWire turns complex studies into bite-size briefings, allowing users to browse before diving further in.

ScioWire Infographics

Who needs ScioWire?

  • R&D Industries

    ScioWire monitors open research, saving your team time and giving you the evidence-based knowledge to boost sponsored communication campaigns around industry events.

  • Media organisations

    ScioWire cuts research time by cutting to the chase. Our summaries enable media professionals to identify relevant results, supporting crucial reporting on open science discoveries.

  • Science & Medical publishers

    ScioWire helps communication and content marketing teams add value to scientific publications through AI-generated teaser material designed to grab specialist audiences.

ScioWire widget coming soon

The ScioWire widget can be embedded in any web portal. It offers a personalised feed of the latest open research studies, along with access to SUMMSci, our exclusive on-demand AI summarisation tool. 

The ScioWire widget is designed to boost productivity and get the latest research evidence to those who need it. 

Watch this space!

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Case Study

“Our pilot project shows that AI can be successfully used to create content quickly and at scale, and to add value to healthcare professionals’ clinical practice”

– Jose Maria Guido Avila, Global Brand Lead of HCP Marketing, Sanofi

Discover the ScioWire research newsfeed: summarised scientific knowledge ready to digest.