MCPs engaging with an omnichannel content campaign

Case Study: Maximising engagement with an omnichannel content campaign for congress activation

Introduction to creating an omnichannel content campaign for event activation

A multinational pharma company organised a two-day virtual event on diabetes that included presentations and dialogue with experts in the field and a global audience of healthcare professionals. The event was hosted on a web platform which potentially made it possible to extend delegate participation and interest beyond the two days of the event. But how could event participants be drawn back? Working with SciencePOD, the pharma company settled on a post-event strategy: offer an omnichannel content campaign that was easy-to-digest and relevant to healthcare professionals (HCPs).

The challenge of creating the omnichannel content campaign

In November 2021, as the world continued to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic and its accompanying restrictions, the global pharma company held a two-day virtual event on diabetes. Key opinion leaders delivered presentations on diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease and engaged in dialogue with HCPs from around the world.

Participants had the option to tune in live to the event or access presentations and discussions after the event. The company also wanted to extend audience engagement beyond the two-day event. They realised their audience was starved of time, experiencing digital fatigue and overloaded with  information. The best possible solution for the audience engagement was an omnichannel content campaign.

To attract attendees back to the event platform and its educational material, they needed an omnichannel content strategy that would continue to offer interest and add value to the experience in the months following the event. 

Solution to the post-event fatigue

The virtual event was held on a specialised platform that allowed the company to capture information on delegate participation. Analysis revealed the depth of engagement with platform content, highlighting high-interest topics, and capturing valuable participant feedback.

To enhance audience engagement, the company decided to order short, ‘teaser’ material. The pharma company reached out to SciencePOD as a content creation partner. The objective was to capture the attention of HCPs and attract them towards more in-depth material containing references to the latest clinical studies. 

SciencePOD used key event presentations and data to provide content responsive to the needs and consumption preferences of the event’s audience. SciencePOD curated a rich, relevant omnichannel content campaign, creating on-demand and easy-to-digest materials to draw HCPs back to the event platform and its resources.

SciencePOD drew on its team of subject expert content creators to develop the omnichannel project. Several teams worked in parallel to meet the event deadline. The content varied in consumption time, offering options that took into consideration the time constraints of HCPs and their potential levels of engagement.

The SciencePOD team created a mix of short three- to seven-minute podcasts and videos and longer ‘deep-dive’ 15-minute podcast and video interviews with key opinion leaders. The team also produced infographics illustrating the event’s comprehensive approach to diabetes, looking at prevention, treatment, associated diseases, clinical studies and practical information to inform clinical practice. SciencePOD also created an animation that concisely captured the event’s patient-centred approach to diabetes and treatment methods. Through the content creation process, the pharma company was able to monitor progress and provide feedback on draft digital assets.


By collaborating with SciencePOD, the pharma company maximised the impact of its virtual event. It was able to ensure that event resources and educational materials were not only accessed before and during the event, but that delegates would be attracted back afterwards by new valuable content. 

SciencePOD ensured the post-event digital assets were responsive to the audience, drawing them back to the event platform. This ramped up the number of visits to the platform, adding tangible value. Content engagement was measurable through analytics to help inform and develop future follow-up events. 

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