Martin Møller Novo Nordisk

Omnichannel, data, and the HCP portal experience

Interview with Martin Møller, Global Director Omnichannel & CX Excellence, Novo Nordisk 

Martin Møller is the Global Director of Omnichannel & CX Excellence at Novo Nordisk. He is scheduled to speak at the Pharma Omnichannel HCP Engagement Conference, 23-24 May 2024, in Lisbon, at a session titled ‘Omnichannel Engagement Track: The HCP Portal as the Center of the Experience.’

SciencePOD had the opportunity to speak with Martin ahead of his session about how data capture plays a role in engaging healthcare professionals (HCPs), and how global brands can best deliver content and experiences for affiliates for localization and activation.

You cannot become a trusted partner for the customer by being the one that shouts the loudest from the rooftop; you need to be the one that bring something of interest.

In general, how has pharma’s omnichannel engagement changed in the past years?

What we’ve seen recently is that we’re starting to use the technology smarter. The earlier trend was to use technologies to meet your customers in as many opportunities as possible.

Nowadays you want to do more to put yourself in the customer’s shoes. You cannot become a trusted partner for the customer by being the one that shouts the loudest from the rooftop; you need to be the one that bring something of interest to the customer. I think other industries have evolved quicker than pharma in this sense in the digital space, but pharma is quickly catching up.

Have technologies changed as much as strategy?

Technologies have changed, but not as much as we think. I think tools around personalization, optimization and journey orchestration are still roughly the same – with a sprinkle of AI, but the maturity of the business using them has changed.

There has been loads of experimentation with many technologies, and sometimes with a desire to personalise almost everything. Some of the key things that organisations are starting to see is that it’s not just a small team that can achieve this. There is much bigger attention to data, and how that needs to be structured to leverage the tech to the fullest.

Your talk at the Ubiq pharma event will discuss how you aligned your organisation around Novo Nordisk’s HCP portals. Can you give an example?

In pharma, we are often many teams that touch on the same customers and we found ourselves in a situation where we had HCP portals and stand-alone sites such as patient case tools, but some were not getting the traction you expected.

At the same time if you capture data from around multiple disparate platforms, it gets really difficult to stitch things together, and the customer experience is also not connected. Therefore, we spent time on aligning cross-functional teams to how we can engage HCPs trough a central platform that simplifies the customers experience, but also caters to the needs of various parts of the organisation.

As part of this, we made prototypes both to showcase the future experience and also to enable teams to see how a new portal could cater to their and their customers needs.

Novo Nordisk has a big brand identity. Do you think that helps with omnichannel engagement?

No doubt that it always helps opening the door by being a known brand, because it instils trust from the get-go. For me, I believe that customer understanding and content play an equal role to that.

That’s also part of the shift that’s happening in pharma; you’re moving away from the brand push and you start playing more to the customer’s needs where, for example, unbranded medical content plays a key role. However, that does not mean that the brand is forgotten, it just does not take the front seat in every engagement.

What do you think can best sustain this new way of engaging HCPs?

There are always those that look for the next piece of shiny tech to add on. However, if we want to get to a one-to-one personalisation at some point, we need to get our data house in order before we can become truly customer centric and better anticipate and orchestrate customers’ engagements with us. HCP Portals are a key enabler here, as they allow us to capture data and enable personalisation.

However, equally important, you also need to be able to deliver content that actually resonates with the customer at a faster pace than before. This puts requirements to your full content supply chain, and one of many aspects in our setup is a ‘master site.’ This is an internal version of the portal that can showcase the global content and provide it to affiliates in an easily available manner for localisations.

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