Populate specialist thematic portals with evidence-based, newsworthy content 

Add value to thematic content portals to boost portal use 

Creation of scientifically accurate and highly readable digital stories to populate a thematic hub in a specialist online portal.


Pharmaceutical companies and science publishers increasingly rely on thematic portals or knowledge hubs to position themselves in the field, strengthen their credibility, and attract and retain customers. But to be effective, portals and hubs must provide value to customers through constantly updated and relevant information. With the speed and volume of scientific and medical outputs, populating portals and hubs with relevant, useful and even personalised content is a massive challenge. SciencePOD’s content factory makes populating portals and hubs easy and predictable with regular delivery of evidence-based digital stories (text and visual) that are scientifically and medically accurate.  


  • Client Profile

    Pharma corporates, science publishers.

  • Location


  • Service Type

    Multimedia content factory. 

  • Duration

    Content package that covers the portal's content requirement for a 12-month period.

  • Client Name

    MMI (Vidal Group), Elsevier, Global Pharmaceutical companies.

  • Key Challenges

    Create large volumes of quality digital stories based on scientific evidence. 

  • Content Solution

    Digital stories periodically curated and delivered over 12 months to regularly populate thematic portals and knowledge hubs with the latest and most relevant updates in scientific and medical evidence. 

  • Outcome

    • A thematic portal or knowledge hub that is regularly populated with fresh and relevant content that consistently attracts the right audiences and users to a site.
    • 30% savings in content delivery time.
    • 50% savings in content commissioning time.
    • 80% savings in content creators identification.
    • Doubling of content reusability.

  • Features

    Periodical delivery of text and multimedia content. Can include text, video, podcast and infographic formats, combined with AI-hybrid content.  

  • Benefits

    • Regular content planning and curation.
    • Reliable delivery of evidence-based, high-quality content that increases portal/hub credibility (and ranking).
    • Higher ROI from thematic portal/hub derived from time and resource savings in content creation.
    • Increased customer loyalty and portal/hub use based on a regular stream of fresh and relevant content.


To be credible, remain relevant, attract and retain users, thematic portals and knowledge hubs must provide the latest information on research, insights, developments and innovations. The speed and volume of new scientific and medical outputs makes this challenging; additionally, the subject matter expertise required for the creation of accurate content to populate portals/hubs is often unavailable or insufficiently available in-house. 

SciencePOD solution

• Content factory system that allows for regular delivery of up-to-date and relevant content covering the latest research.
• A modular content approach that minimises review bottlenecks and facilitates content reuse, repurposing and localisation.
• Ability to both scale and personalise content.
• Dedicated pre-vetted teams of science and medical writers, editors and multimedia producers.
• Access to network of subject matter specialist content creators.
• Access to AI-summarisation solutions.


Thematic portals or knowledge hubs are an increasingly important asset for pharma companies and scholarly publishers; they allow them to strengthen credibility, attract and retain customers, and provide portal/hub users with real value in the form of up-to-date, relevant and even personalised content. But to be effective, portals and hubs must be constantly updated with fresh and useful information that is accurate and compliant. SciencePOD’s content factory (with an option also for AI-hybrid creation) makes populating portals and hubs easy and predictable with regular delivery of evidence-based digital stories that are scientifically and medically accurate. 

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