Harness the power of summarisation for productivity gains

Use AI to Increase productivity 

AI-hybrid content creation facilitates quicker and cheaper delivery of scientific highlights for research dissemination, and of healthcare content for medical education, disease awareness campaigns and medical marketing. See case study below:


Research-driven organisations like pharma and science publishers are eager to apply AI tools and solutions in content creation to benefit from cost savings and production efficiencies. This can only occur, however, if content accuracy and compliance are not compromised. SciencePOD offers AI-hybrid solutions that combine AI text and multimedia content generation with human editorial and quality control inputs that both improve content creation efficiencies and ensure accuracy. 


  • Client Profile

    Science publishers and pharma corporates.

  • Location


  • Service Type

    Scaling content creation capabilities without compromising quality through use of AI-hybrid content solutions. 

  • Duration

    12-month subscription. 

  • Client Name

    Sanofi, EDP Sciences. 

  • Key Challenges

    Limited budget and need to cut costs and increase efficiencies in creating content for customer engagement, while maintaining a standard of quality. 

  • Content Solution

    AI-generated draft summaries in text, infographic and video format that are then quality-checked by a human editor to ensure that the final AI-hybrid content is suitable and accurate. 

  • Outcome

    • 30% savings in content delivery time.
    • 50% savings in content commissioning time.
    • 80% savings in time sourcing the right expert content creator.
    • 300% increase in impact.

  • Features

    • On-demand generation of AI draft summaries of text, video and infographics.
    • Access to subject-matter expert content creators from SciencePOD's global community of creators.
    • Quality checks to ensure accuracy and compliance.

  • Benefits

    • Significant cost savings derived from greater productivity.
    • Compliance with healthcare content regulations.
    • Reliable quick delivery of large volumes of content, made possible with SciencePOD's AI-hybrid content factory.
    • Ability to create large amounts of content based on published research for use in multiple customer engagement campaigns aimed at segmented audiences.


Knowledge economy corporates, such as pharma and science publishers are eager to improve efficiency and productivity by using AI tools. But the growing and quickly evolving number of AI tools and their layers of access make it extremely difficult to know what, when and how to apply them – if they are applicable at all. The critical importance these industries must give to accuracy and compliance, makes the application of AI to content creation an even more complex challenge given current problems with accuracy in generative-AI.  

SciencePOD solution

To address both accuracy and cost-effectiveness, SciencePOD offers an AI-hybrid solution combining the quick delivery of AI summaries with the quality assurance provided by professional editors with subject-matter expertise. This allows production of content at scale, at a lower cost, with speed, and with quality control checks. 


SciencePOD AI-hybrid content offers pharma corporates and science publishers AI- solutions that result in cost savings, increased efficiency, and productivity gains, combined with human inputs that ensure accuracy and compliance. SciencePOD AI-hybrid content is available in various formats for omnichannel use and suitable to customers’ different preferences and learning styles. 

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