Bite-size content boosts marketing campaign impact 

Amplify marketing campaign success with compelling summarised evidence 

Create digital content assets to use at marketing campaign touchpoints to boost customer engagement in publishing and life sciences sectors.  See case studies below:

When our pharma or science/medical publishing clients want to enhance the impact of their marketing campaigns, they look to SciencePOD to create concise digital content assets to publish on landing pages, embed in emails and post on social media. SciencePOD’s audience- and channel-optimised content allows our clients to extend their marketing campaigns’ reach and effectiveness. As a specialist in turning complex scientific and medical material into clear and concise digital assets, our clients also can be assured of SciencePOD content accuracy. 


  • Client Profile

    Global pharma companies or global science publishers. 

  • Location


  • Service Type

    Creation of digital assets in text, infographic, video and podcast format for use as touchpoints in marketing campaigns. 

  • Duration

    Sufficient content pieces to serve objectives of 3-, 6- or 12-month campaigns.

  • Client Name

    Elsevier, EDP Sciences, Global Pharmas, including BIAL.

  • Key Challenges

    Relatively low-level digital engagement with customers or need to launch new, not-yet-established products or publications without a set audience.

  • Content Solution

    Creation of ‘snackable ’digital stories specifically designed to engage and elicit action as part of marketing, education, and communication campaigns.

  • Outcome

    +300% impact (based on published papers case study showing an increase in research papers downloads when adding summary to each publication). 

  • Features

    • Creation of multi-format content assets used as touchpoints and suitable for omnichannel distribution.
    • Option to partially automate production with AI-Hybrid content, where a first draft is generated by AI tools and then complemented by quality checks from a professional editor with subject-matter expertise.

  • Benefits

    • Access to time- and resource-saving content factory to orchestrate multiple campaigns in parallel, across multiple channels.
    • Orchestration of timely content commissioning, creation, and delivery through the SciencePOD workflow platform, which includes a network of pre-vetted expert content creators.


As companies undergo a digital transformation or when launching or refreshing products and publications, they need to increase their level of customer awareness and reach new audiences through carefully designed and implemented content marketing campaigns. In these cases, one-off or limited campaigns are ineffective; a longer-term approach is needed to grow a customer base and establish a new or refreshed brand, product or publication. These longer-term marketing campaigns require time-consuming planning, creation and scheduling of content.

SciencePOD solution

• Ability to speed up content creation, increase content reusability, and optimise content in response to data insights. Maximise use of available material—use available single source scientific/technical documents to create summaries that communicate key messages in scientific evidence or complex technical documentation.
• Increase reusability and production speed with modular content suited for reuse and repurposed across formats multiple times and throughout the life of a campaign.
• Create templates, modular content assets, and summarised content that are quality checked, compliant and ready for multiple campaigns aimed at different audience segments.
• Streamline content creation with dedicated pre-vetted teams of science and medical writers, editors and multimedia producers.


SciencePOD gives marketing teams the tools they need to implement successful content marketing campaigns. We deliver evidence-based, creative content suitable for long-term and multiple campaign use. Our content creation strategy includes template design and a modular content approach that helps streamline production, reduces bottlenecks and costs, and facilitates content reuse and personalisation for audience segments. SciencePOD’s workflow platform allows collaboration of dedicated teams drawn from a global network of content creators with subject matter expertise across all scientific, technological and medical disciplines. 

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