Increase your scientific share of voice and deepen relationships with HCPs

Dribe the adption of medical communication messaging

Summarised medical content plays a vital role in maintaining and gaining scientific share of voice for pharma companies and generating engagement data that can be fed back into message refinement and personalisation.  See case study below:

•  Pharma company BIAL


Increasing share of voice means driving, facilitating and encouraging conversations around product or therapeutic area. Exploring (and measuring) such reach reveals what HCPs think about products and research, where and what types of conversations are taking place among different stakeholders, and where educational gaps exist. Strategies to increase share of voice heavily rely on content. This is particularly true for scientific activities associated with medical affairs: publications, congresses and presentations, clinical studies, HCP education campaigns. Faced with a highly competitive market in a specific therapy area, pharma companies reach out to SciencePOD for content solutions that help boost share of voice among HCPs. 


  • Client Profile

    Global pharma corporates, Medical distribution channels.

  • Location


  • Service Type

    Programme of digital content assets distilling approved messages related to innovative research and medicines to raise awareness of products among HCPs and deepen relationships with HCPs. 

  • Duration

    Implementation over a 12-month engagement plan.

  • Client Name

    Pharma companies including BIAL

  • Key Challenges

    Low awareness of product or research among HCPs; need to maintain or increase share of voice in a competitive market. 

  • Content Solution

    Creation of summarised digital assets based on scientific material (publications, congress presentations, clinical studies), delivered consistently over 12 months and ready for omnichannel distribution. Key messaging is refined and regularly updated to target HCP needs and interests in terms of products and designated therapy areas. 

  • Outcome

    • Key messages communicated effectively
    • Increase of share of voice steadily over 12 months

  • Features

    Creation of digital assets in text, video, podcast and infographic formats to be used as touchpoints in omnichannel customer engagement activities. 

  • Benefits

    Consistent reinforcement and refinement of messaging to HCPs to address education gaps and increase top-of-mind awareness of specific therapies in designated therapy areas, leading to higher levels of HCP engagement and informing clinical practice and patient care.


• Positioning of innovative medicines with higher patient benefits among competitors
• Retention of therapy as preferred solution among HCPs.

SciencePOD solution

Planning and delivery of summarised evidence-based digital content designed to effectively boost adoption and internalisation of key messages, delivered consistently through a 12-month programme. Summarised content applies storytelling techniques that help reinforce messaging and retention. 


SciencePOD is a specialist creator of summarised medical and evidence-based content derived from complex studies and data, including scientific and medical publications, medical congresses presentations, and clinical studies. The consistent delivery of this summarised content (and the continued refinement of key messaging) allows pharma companies to successfully implement strategies to increase share of voice among HCPs. 

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