A smart education: How an artificial intelligence solution generated clinical summaries for healthcare professionals in minutes

Case Study

By SciencePOD Editor
12th October 2021

As part of a Sanofi pilot project focused on combating digital fatigue amongst healthcare professionals, SciencePOD used artificial intelligence (AI) to generate summaries of clinical studies within minutes.

Challenge — Combating digital fatigue

We are all bombarded with information from our phones, laptops, and televisions, and healthcare professionals (HCPs) must also take in specialist content from pharmaceutical companies and medical education boards, often from a number of different channels. Combined with an increasing number of remote consultations and previously in-person events becoming virtual, many HCPs rapidly became overwhelmed by media during the COVID-19 pandemic, resulting in digital fatigue. As an example, Sanofi – a multinational pharmaceutical company headquartered in Paris – found that some medical professionals received more than 100% extra emails and were invited to almost 400% more webinars during the pandemic. The challenge Sanofi faced was how to continue to provide evidence-based medical education to HCPs and combat this digital fatigue.

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