Science communication

What is scientific dissemination?

What’s scientific dissemination? Principles unmasked

Scientific dissemination is vital in communicating research findings to a broader demographic, ensuring that scientific advancements are understood and utilised effectively. This process entails simplifying complex scientific ideas into accessible language that both specialists and the general public can comprehend. Through various channels such as publications, social media, and public lectures, scientific dissemination fosters public understanding of science, enhances scientific literacy, and encourages informed decision-making. This, in turn, supports the progression of scientific knowledge, transparency, and collaboration, which are indispensable for societal development and innovation.

Map representing SciencePOD's collaboration with iGroup in the Asian Market

SciencePOD Helps iGroup Expand its Research Impact

SciencePOD benefits research impact expansion SciencePOD offers Asia Pacific scientists new opportunities to increase their research impact and engage global audiences through access to the most trusted science content marketing platform  SciencePODis pleased to announce it has partnered with iGroup as its agent in the Asia Pacific region. By introducing SciencePOD’s cloud-based science content marketing …

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