How to use AI to make research more discoverable and impactful

How AI Makes Research More Discoverable and Impactful

Top tips on how to use Smart Summaries to grow your influence and make research more discoverable

Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions will speed up the digital transformation of the scholarly publishing industry and make research more discoverable. Among these, is the creation of computer-generated ‘smart summaries’ of research papers or book chapters, using Natural Language Processing (NLP).

These solutions will allow scalable and efficient creation of published research summaries using automation.

Results of making research more discoverable

The result will be used to enrich existing research papers and academic books with automated scholarly content that is understandable, discoverable, shareable. Ultimately this approach will contribute to make scholarly content more impactful.

The adoption of technologies such as AI has the potential to facilitate remote work, improve editorial processes, drive usage and submissions, and reach wider audiences.

In the context of impending budgetary restrictions, it will be essential that any resources invested in creating scholarly content bring optimum returns to publishers and benefit authors; AI solutions such as ‘smart summaries’ represent a potential cost-effective investment and alternative.

This session will provide an overview of these latest technology developments and discuss how they are contributing to making research more discoverable and the digital transformation of publishers.

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