Introducing SciencePOD’s exclusive custom newsfeeds! Based on AI-generated summaries of research studies, complete with contextual information, SUMMSci covers all content needs.

Why Did We Create The AI Newswire?

To inform and facilitate decision-making, SciencePOD’s AI Newswire uses AI to generates easy-to-understand summaries of published scientific research in second. Why? To bring credible, evidence-based, quick-to-read research findings to those that need this most. With over 2½ million scientific papers published each year, researchers, business dealmakers, policymakers and even journalists struggle to keep up to date. Our AI Newswire creates specialist and custom feeds, based on vast collections of knowledge — the latest advances in science, technology and medicine – turned into easily digestible bite-size summaries that help.


AI Newswire Widget

If you want to access a personalised feed, simply use our widget to enter your preference. The widget also allows you to create AI-generated summaries on-demand. Our solution relies on our exclusive AI summarisation engine, SUMMSci.

Who Needs The AI Newswire Newsfeeds?

  • R&D Industry

    Perfectly suited for clients in specialist industries, for research monitoring and sponsored communication campaigns, focused on evidence-based information around industry events.

  • Science & Medical publishers

    The AI Newswire helps communication and content marketing teams increase productivity, helping them add value to their specialist scientific portals targeting communities.

  • Media Organisations

    Our AI Newswire solution enables newsrooms to source much wider sources via our AI newsfeed and gain workflow productivity in sourcing science / health / environment stories.

Case Study

“Our pilot projects shows that AI can be successfully used to create content quickly and at scale, and to add value to healthcare professionals’ clinical practice”

– Jose Maria Guido Avila, Global Brand Lead of HCP Marketing Sanofi

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