AI Summarisation

Scientific research has never been more relevant to our technology-based post-pandemic society. But despite over 2½ million scientific papers being published each year, scientific evidence does not always reach those who need to know.

Misinformation and misunderstanding are widespread. Journalists, policy makers and even scientists themselves struggle to keep up.

AI Summarisation Engine

SciencePOD has developed and exclusive AI summarisation engine, SUMMSci, in collaboration with Avignon Université. It turns the latest science and medical studies into bite-size digestible teaser stories.

Our customised natural language processing (NLP) algorithms allow us to cover research material at scale within seconds.

Our solution automatically creates summaries of adjustable length, including contextual information such as keywords, lay definitions of technical terms and elucidated acronyms.

We also automatically create highlights, answering key questions such as: Who? Where? What? How? Future works?

The SciencePOD AI summaries help end-users to speed up their monitoring of research progress, helping them to quickly understand large numbers of complex studies. The users only need to dive deeply into those research studies of real interest to them.

AI Newswire Widget

SciencePOD AI Summarisation Widget

SciencePOD is developing an AI Newswire Widget aims to improve the quality of publicly available information about advances in science, technology and medicine.

This technology will be embeddable in third-party websites such as those of science publishers, media organisations or portals hosting scientists/doctors’ communities.

The widget will make it convenient for professionals to source in real-time relevant AI Summaries on-demand in a personalised and targeted way.

Who needs our AI Newswire Widget?

1. Media organisations
Our solution will help newsrooms to source much wider sources via our AI newsfeed and gain workflow productivity in sourcing science/health/environment stories.

2. Science and medical publishers
Our solution can help their news and content marketing teams increase productivity, and help them add value to their specialist scientific portals hosting targeted communities.

3. R&D industry
Our solution is perfectly suited for clients, in specialist industries such as Life Sciences, Chemistry, CleanTech and ICT. It will help them with research monitoring, and sponsored communication campaigns, based on evidence-based information around industry events.

We have run a successful pilot covering AI summaries of clinical studies at a virtual medical congress in June with Sanofi.

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