Image representing SciencePOD launches AI-based smart summaries solution for greater research reach and impact

An AI-based Summaries Solution for Greater Research Impact

How AI summarisation tools can help heighten research impact

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Dublin, 13th October 2020 – SciencePOD launches its AI Summaries solution to promote open science and increase research impact. The natural language processing (NLP) summariser, available through SciencePOD’s API or web platform, is designed to assist science publishers in communicating research output more quickly and effectively at scale. This approach will support publishers’ roll out and transition to Open Access offerings and digital transformation. Ultimately, the SciencePOD AI Summaries solution aims to introduce published research to new audiences.

“Now, with the SciencePOD AI Summaries engine, it is easy to turn scientific findings into digestible, accessible, discoverable, and shareable digital stories, at scale.”

— Sabine Louët, SciencePOD Founder and CEO

Adding: “now, with the SciencePOD AI Summaries engine, it is easy to turn scientific findings into digestible, accessible, discoverable, and shareable digital stories, at scale.” This state-of-the-art summarising engine was developed in partnership with Juan-Manuel Torres-Moreno, a pre-eminent AI, NLP and automatic summarisation specialist at the Laboratoire Informatique d’Avignon (LIA) lab, Avignon Université, France.

Within fractions of a second, the SciencePOD engine turns complex scientific research papers into clear, understandable summaries as well as key highlights that answer the media’s essential information-gathering questions: Who? What? When? Where? How? In addition, SciencePOD smart summaries provide contextual information in the form of keywords, definitions of technical terms, and acronyms. SciencePOD AI Summaries are ready to be shared, discovered, and used to enhance engagement with the entire portfolio of scholarly publishers. This concise document helps further research impact. 

Webinar on how to use AI for optimal research impact

SciencePODwill preview the summarisation engine at its upcoming live webinar on How to use AI to make research more discoverable and impactful, on 14th October 2020, at 3pm CET, a featured event on the Virtual Frankfurt Book Fair 2020 calendar (Register here).

The webinar will give an overview of SciencePOD AI Summaries versatility, applications and uses, including:

  • Driving usage – summaries of research papers typically contribute to a three- to five-fold increase in the number of downloads of the original research as well as increases in number of citations and submission levels.
  • Enhancing the discoverability of original research by enriching article metadata with SciencePOD AI Summaries.
  • Developing cost-effective author services at scale to help scientists better communicate research findings to wider audiences.
  • Scaling up of content marketing activities by creating smart summaries for entire journal portfolios.
  • Pre-vetting submissions while saving editorial time. Reaching new audiences by making the content of research papers accessible to non-experts for research impact.                            

To participate in a SciencePOD AI Summaries pilot, contact SciencePOD at:

Join the live Webinar on How to use AI to make research more discoverable and impactful Register here.

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 About SciencePOD 

The SciencePOD AI Summaries initiative reflects SciencePOD’s mission to make research findings available to wider audiences. Our summarisation engine complements solutions available through the SciencePOD platform, including collaborative content creation processes and workflow tools, and access to a pre-vetted global network of content creators with subject matter expertise. SciencePOD offers a full catalogue of content creation and content marketing services including science journalism, writing, editing, design and multimedia production for academic publishers, industries and organisations with an R&D focus, such as biopharma and ICT, as well as media organisations, marketing agencies and others working in fields related to science, medicine and technology. SciencePOD is a Dublin-based company. Contact us at

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