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Case Study: Creating complex training material for specialists

Why create complex training material for specialists

The request from a multinational biotechnology company that provides analytical and laboratory products was to create complex training material for a new educational portal. The educational content created aims to assist scientists using a molecular biology technique called real-time – or quantitative – polymerase chain reaction (qPCR). The objective was to help scientists optimise the outcome of their experiments and provide advice in troubleshooting. This case required the delivery of clear, concise, scientifically accurate complex training material tailored to an audience of specialists. Topics covered in this project ranged from ‘Real-time PCR basics’ to ‘miRNA analysis and real-time PCR’.

The need for high quality complex training material

In a large content project such as this, accuracy and quality control are paramount. A low quality product is easily spotted among subject matter experts. At the same time, there is still a need to ensure that the result is useful, insightful and clear. Therefore, it required a team of content creators with expertise in content creation (science writers and editors) as well as qualifications and experience in biomedical science, molecular biology, medicine and computational modelling. 

Training material must be compelling as well as informative if it to maintain the attention of the audience. Visual and audio elements add to the capabilities of a textual piece, thus creating truly captivating content. Commission high-quality content from SciencePOD. Our scientific and medical experts are able to take a complex sing-source document and create omnichannel content that will captivate any audience. 

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