Transforming Complex Physics Research into Digital Stories for EPJ represented by bubbles

Case Study: Transforming complex physics research into digital stories


Why transforming complex physics research is essential in communication

Two non-OA examples from European Physics Journals (EPJ) illustrate how using value- added content could also be applied to OA journals, for example topics such as complex physics research. In both of these examples, content creators produced highlights based on research papers published in EPJ B and EPJ ST. It is important to note that the content creators involved in this project have dual expertise in physics and content creation. This allowed them to transform complex research material into accessible, easy-to-understand stories that appeal to a wide audience – without compromising scientific accuracy.

“I would like to thank you for the highlight on our paper about bitcoin network entitled, “Is the Bitcoin network an oligarchy?“ It generated discussions in multiple websites in multiple countries.”

— Dima Shepelyansky, Paul Sabatier University, Toulouse, France

The highlights were published on EPJ’s website and distributed to the media. The bitcoin network highlight (example 2) was picked up by several writers and interested parties and amplified through various websites and channels, bringing further attention to the author, the research and the journal. The EPJ ST highlight (example 1) represents what might be considered an ‘ideal’ content marketing scenario for simplifying complex physics research. Here, value-added content, in the form of a highlight summarising research key findings in compelling and accessible language, garnered the attention of the New York Times

Simplifying complex physics
Simplifying complex physics research can help successfully disseminate the information.


SciencePOD’s digital assets take one long-form document and transform it into multiple omnichannel assets on topics such as complex physics research. All of SciencePOD’s infographics, videos, podcast and highlights are created for either play audiences or expert audiences. The complex information is transformed into simplified and compelling digital assets. 

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