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Open Access for University Presses and Societies

Boosting open access for university presses with content marketing

Why content marketing matters to the OA publications of societies and university presses 

Open access for university presses is meant to bring us closer to open science. So, what is hindering progress? The truth is, accessing the literature is only half of the story. The other half is the obstacle created by the use of specialised language in the scientific literature. An inability to understand the meaning of the research represents an even greater hindrance to open science and multidisciplinary collaboration than access to publications.

The next step on the path to a more open access for university presses requires societies and university presses to make research articles accessible to a wider audience of specialists and non-specialists. Being open access is not enough. With thousands of open access publications available, a new approach to marketing and promotion is needed. This new approach centres on a transition from publisher-led to author-led marketing and focuses on value-added content that is both engaging, understandable as well as scientifically accurate.

SciencePOD specialises in creating compelling scientific content for a wide variety of audiences. Encouraging engagement is the first step in increasing attention on OA publications.

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