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SciencePOD is your go-to place for science content marketing to support publishers and research institutes tell the story of the findings they publish.

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Craft smart, sharp stories on autopilot for your content marketing campaigns

We help publishers tell their author’s stories by lifting research out of the specialised literature and databases and putting it centre stage.

Let one of our our skilled science journalists turn your complex science into understandable and shareable digital stories.

Who benefits? Scientists, the public and research funders. And when science is shared, everybody wins.

Surf the new content marketing wave: from journal-led to author-led marketing

In the era of open access, our industry is moving away from journal-led marketing to author-led content marketing.

There is an urgency for publishers to showcase the value of their journals by raising the profile of their authors.

SciencePOD is fast becoming the go-to place for science content marketing to support publishers and academic institutions tell the story of the research they publish.

From curating the most important and newsworthy published research to transforming this research into engaging digital stories – your next science story starts with SciencePOD.

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Automated content:

Let our system generate AI summaries of research papers

A happy author is your best brand ambassador.

Open access is becoming mainstream, so authors need to stand out.

A clear summary takes their work across different disciplines and out into the world.

SciencePOD recently launched se its second-generation summaries for science publishers. Search-engine friendly, fast and accurate – this is just the start.

Contact us to request a sample of our latest automated research paper summaries.

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