How to Succeed with Omnichannel Communication

How to Succeed with Omnichannel Communication

Top tips to engage with HCPs and patients in your Omnichannel Communication

  • Are you under pressure to improve communication efforts as your business undergoes its digital transformation?

  • Do you need to effectively engage with healthcare professionals (HCPs) and patients?
  • Are you doing all you can to reach HCPs and patients through evidence-based and enhanced content campaigns that they are looking for?
  • Are you making the most out of your omnichannel communication strategy?

Join our upcoming webinar on How to succeed with Omnichannel Communication with Sabine Louët, Founder & CEO of SciencePOD, and guest speaker Mark Benthin, Founder & CEO of ViiHealth.

In this webinar, we focus specifically on the creation of the right digital content in multiple formats and languages to support a ‘digital-first’ approach.

Did you know that many HCPs have less than 60 minutes a day to consume content and only in 10-15 minute slots throughout the day? Do you know their content and channel preferences? 

How the webinar explores omnichannel communication

Based on unique insights into industry best-practices, the webinar explores the keys to identifying the right formats to effectively engage with your target audiences as part of your omnichannel communication efforts.

  • Sabine Louët, Founder & CEO of SciencePOD, will discuss the most suitable approaches based on case studies of effective engagement with HCPs and patients at medical congresses and in regular communication throughout the year.
  • Our guest speaker Mark Benthin, CEO & Founder of ViiHealth, will take you through the latest tools available to produce and repurpose all of your content assets to meet the needs of omnichannel targeting and localisation. Specifically, he will explore how to create an evergreen bank of assets for congress-related communication as well as standard email, web and video channel communications.

This is a free webinar. Find out when and whereby clicking the register button below.


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