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Delivery In Two Simple Steps

It’s really that easy. Designed to meet your business needs, strengths and current demands, we work with you and your team to define problems and create goals to solve them.

  • 1. Take A Single Source Document

    Anything you can get your hands on! Enhance engagement with HCPs and patients from a key scientific study to a clinical presentation. We can even turn interviews and webinars into customised digital assets for any of your business needs.

  • 2. Receive Multiple Digital Assets

    Need an article? A podcast? An infographic? We can do it all – from producing highlights and interviews to animated videos and so much more. Our easy-to-use credit system is effective, transparent and saves you much needed time and resources.

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The SciencePOD Edge

SciencePOD Makes It Easy To Order The Quality Content You Need

Fed up of all the hassle? Our platform makes the workflow of content creation effortless – no more messing around with unlinked platforms.

Our expert editors don’t let anything fall through the net. Each piece of content is subjected to a rigorous quality-control process.

Allocate each job to the team you want – select from our community of pre-vetted science journalists, writers, editors and multimedia producers.

Multidisciplinary, multilingual and multimedia savvy. We handle anything you can throw at us. Give it a shot!

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What Makes Us Different?

With a global network of over 600 professional content creators, specialising in science, medicine, healthcare, innovation and technology, our network is unlike any other. Our skilled communicators have proven their expertise, which include PhD-level experts with niche knowledge in over 150 specialties. If you have a topic, we have someone with the knowledge. With a secure SaaS cloud-based platform, including a complete suite of content creation solutions, SciencePOD is reliable, lightning-fast and effective at delivering the assets you need. Our online platform gives you complete control at every stage with our transparent and easy-to-use credit system and friendly asset order interface.

Bringing Value To Content Creation

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Case Studies

“The reaction to the published output continues to this day. So the result has paid back many more dividends than we could have imagined at the outset.”

– Mary Skelly, Microbide

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