ScioWire: Access the latest research knowledge with AI summarisation

As a researcher, or a professional in the knowledge economy, you need to stay up to date with research in your field. With an estimated 2.5 million new research papers published each year, though, this is exhausting work, and often impossible. If you want to spend less time monitoring literature and more time conducting original research, ScioWire can help. 

Scientists and knowledge professionals all share the same challenge: they need to access the latest high-quality research as soon as it is published. For subjects outside their own expertise, they also need context to help them understand key papers.  

Enter ScioWire, a customisable open research newsfeed that uses AI to summarise the latest papers. 

Clear, contextualised summaries and highlights

Abstracts offer a broad overview of a paper, but they do not provide much detail. Abstracts written by the article’s authors also offer a subjective view of the paper and its significance. ScioWire’s objective summaries use extractive, rather than abstractive, summarisation to preserve the integrity of the source study information. 

In addition to straight summaries, ScioWire offers select highlights from each paper, including key author information, publication name and date; they also detail the method used and any key findings. To help those who are not subject-matter expert, ScioWire also provides lay definitions of relevant terms and clarifies acronyms.

Find the right papers, right away

Researchers and professionals in the knowledge economy spend a lot of time searching for the right paper, not always successfully. ScioWire delivers a keyword-customised newsfeed of the latest open-access research. You can tailor your newsfeed by keyword, date, research institution and journal to exclude irrelevant results. ScioWire uses your filters to find the latest open-access studies that matter to you. 

ScioWire is a powerful productivity tool, designed to help scan the horizon and identify the most useful studies for you, to help you quickly identify those worth reading in full. ScioWire’s summaries are not meant to replace full papers. However, by giving you a clear idea of the contents, we hope to save you reading long texts that won’t actually inform your work. Each individual summary links to the full text-source article, so if a summary is compelling, you can click straight through to learn more.

Keep up with the latest open-access studies 

Indexing and abstracting solutions offer to keep you up to date with research, but they come with limitations. The information they contain is not always detailed enough to help you decide whether a study is worth reading in full. Some researchers maintain a Twitter feed of experts in their field of interest, and rely on this to highlight relevant papers, but this approach opens the door to irrelevant information, digital fatigue and missed updates. ScioWire covers all bases, letting you specify what you want to see, updating your feed in real time, and helping you monitor the broader landscape.

What does ScioWire give you that other tools don’t?

1. Time

Time is your most precious resource, and fruitless, incomplete literature searches are costly. ScioWire saves you time by compiling and summarising the latest research in your field, identifying the few studies that warrant full reading and delivering them to your feed. 

ScioWire’s AI summaries are quickly generated, digestible and easy to share. As plain language descriptions, they can increase impact and accessibility for a study, benefitting scientists, publishers and lay audiences.

2. Productivity

ScioWire highlights the latest advances with accurate, quick-read summaries. These summaries flag up the key points and findings from a study, so you only read the most relevant articles. ScioWire also provides contextual information for non-experts, defining technical terms and spelling out all acronyms.

ScioWire is affordable and effective, reducing excess workload so you can make best use of your time.

3. Relevance

ScioWire’s filters allow you to create and adjust your own bespoke newsfeed for instant access to the most relevant contextualised summaries.

Getting started with ScioWire

Think about the keywords most important to your work. Consider the topics you are researching, the questions you are trying to answer, and the problems you hope to solve. You can also select specific open-access journals or research institutions you wish to follow. You can adjust your filters as needed, curating a focused feed that brings the right research to you.

The research you need, when you need it

ScioWire is here to help boost your productivity in scientific literature searches and save you time, frustration and wasted energy.

Whether you are a scientist, clinician, marketing expert, journalist or student, we hope you’ll find ScioWire a valuable addition to your research toolkit. 

Try ScioWire today with a free trial.

If you already know which papers you want to read, but you need the short version fast, try a free trial of SummSci, our on-demand AI Summarisation tool.

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