A wall showing SciencePOD Partners with Teldan in Israel

SciencePOD and Teldan in Israel Aim for More Scientific Innovation

SciencePOD is leading scientific innovation with Teldan

SciencePOD is pleased to announce a new partnership with Teldan to raise the profile of the work of scientists from public and private research organisations in Israel to increase scientific innovation. SciencePOD is the first global content creation platform to increase the impact of Israeli research and scientific innovation around the globe.


The more a laboratory or a company innovates, the more likely their findings need to be explained in a language that’s accessible to wider audiences. This typically helps them secure their next funding, develop collaboration outside their field or simply find industry partners to bring the fruit of their work to the next level, towards commercialisation.

SciencePOD’s take on scientific innovation opportunities

“We are very pleased to have established this partnership with Teldan,” says Sabine Louët, SciencePOD CEO, adding: “There is so much research happening in Israel, that it is a very exciting opportunity to tell the many stories that are emerging from laboratories across the country.“

The SciencePOD platform is a first-to-market collaborative content creation platform that will solve the content needs of many organisations in Israel, which until now, had few high-quality solutions available to them. This great opportunity has opened more doors for scientific innovation. 

Representation of content marketing boosting open access
The future of scientific innovation is full of opportunity with this new partnership.

“A major part of doing significant research is being able to generate interest in your findings afterwards. Teldan’s partnership with SciencePOD was established to answer this need for our customers,” says Assaf Sofrin, Business Director at Teldan, “And to do so effectively in a reliable and consistent work process.\”

The SciencePOD platform makes it easy to order digital stories that make complex scientific or technology progress accessible to wider audiences through clear, concise and compelling content. No other content creation platform delivers compelling text, audio and video solutions related to scientific evidence. In addition, SciencePOD provides access to the broadest community of specialist content creators. Collectively, SciencePOD’s 500+ members boast expertise spanning the entire gamut of science, medicine and technology.

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