Field representing exclusive commercialisation license with Avignon Université

SciencePOD signs exclusive commercialisation license with Avignon Université

SciencePOD will offer new products based on AI summarisation solutions co-developed with Avignon Université

Dublin, Ireland and Avignon, France, 2nd September 2021— SciencePOD announces the signature of an exclusive worldwide licensing agreement with Avignon Université to commercialise solutions based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) summarisation of research studies. 

Together, SciencePOD and Laboratoire Informatique d’Avignon (LIA) have developed robust and scalable tools to make scientific results more widely accessible at scale, using natural language processing (NLP) algorithms.

“This collaboration is a great example of the relationship between the research world and the business world,” says Anne-Charlotte Planchenault, Contract Manager at Avignon Université. “After several months of R&D, we have jointly developed a new, ready-for market product that responds to the needs of the industry and modern-day society. We are very happy with the results of our collaboration, and we look forward to continuing to work with SciencePOD to develop further AI solutions, including in other languages.”

 Our jointly developed AI summarisation solutions will benefit both public and private R&D organisations, media and publishing professionals, as well as individual researchers.

“Our fast solution is capable of summarising research papers in seconds,” says Juan-Manuel Torres-Moreno, PhD in Computer Science from INP Grenoble and senior researcher (HDR) at LIA Avignon Université. “Our summariser can create a contextualised summary that also answers key questions: who? what? how? and what future research steps?. This will allow users to save time and improve their ability to monitor the latest developments from scientific and medical literature.”

 SciencePOD is now planning to include AI summarisation capabilities in a range of products, including an AI Newswire (a newsfeed of easy-to-understand summaries of the latest Open Access research articles) and an on-demand summarisation tool, both available via SciencePOD’s new widget.  

Our ambition is to make the content of original research available to wider audiences in a targeted way. SciencePOD AI Summarisation Solutions will soon empower scholarly publishers, societies, university presses, institutions, corporates involved in R&D, government agencies, private and charitable organisations and individual researchers to access the latest research more quickly and easily.

 “We could not have found a better partner than Avignon Université and Juan-Manuel Torres-Moreno at LIA to develop our AI Summarisation solutions,” says Sabine Louët, SciencePOD CEO, adding: “We anticipate AI summarisation will play a key role in advancing open science, promoting collaboration, and making scientific knowledge more accessible.”

 SciencePOD AI Summarisation Solutions are an exciting addition to SciencePOD’s cloud-based content creation platform which makes it easy for users to create high-quality, evidence-based content, crafted by professional science communicators. The platform already combines authoring and workflow collaborative tools with access to a network of 600+ pre-vetted specialist content creators with science, medicine and technology expertise.

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About LIA at Avignon Université 

Since its creation in 1987, the Laboratoire Informatique d\’Avignon (LIA) is interested in research works in Artificial Intelligence (AI) on three main research subjects: Natural Language Processing (NLP) (applied to text and speech), Optimisation and Operational Research and Networks. The LIA has a 80-strong staff, including 60 researchers (29 full-time researchers and about thirty PhD students).

Avignon Université is located in the Provence region of France,  The university’s Research Support Office supports research activities of 17 laboratories and research units as well as research stakeholders (including teaching and research staff, research federations, PhD students), in their activities with various partners from socio-economical spheres. Avignon Université currently hosts 7,500 students.

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