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SciencePOD and Adaptemy announce collaboration with the European Union Agency for Law Enforcement Training

SciencePOD, together with Irish e-learning software company, Adaptemy, today announce the start of a new collaboration with CEPOL, the EU Agency for Law Enforcement Training. 

CEPOL develops, implements, and coordinates law enforcement training for officials across the EU member states, partner countries and organisations, as well as within the scope of its externally funded projects.

The partners have successfully won a tender to create e-learning course material over the next four years.

Combining SciencePOD’s specialist content creation solutions with Adaptemy’s intelligent and adaptive learning products will enhance the quality and impact of the learning material delivered for CEPOL. The e-learning material will help law enforcement officials from across Europe stay fully appraised of the latest scientific and operational developments in key areas relevant to their function, ranging from illicit substances and weapons trafficking to cybersecurity and terrorism prevention.

“We are delighted to assist CEPOL in ensuring that the law enforcement agencies across Europe have access to training material related to the fight against crime, based on the latest scientific evidence and on the real-life experience of law enforcement agencies,” says Sabine Louët, Founder & CEO SciencePOD, adding “The SciencePOD community hosts some of Europe’s finest editors with a technical expertise, which will ensure that officials receive the best possible law enforcement training.”

“Adaptemy is excited to bring our expertise in learning analytics to this project,” says Daniel McCrea, Head of Partner Services of Adaptemy, adding: “Our contribution will empower CEPOL and SciencePOD to make data-based decisions about how to optimise the content and ensure high engagement and impactful professional training.”  

About SciencePOD: 

The SciencePOD platform allows clients to easily order human-created or AI-generated content, build expert content creation teams, and oversee the content creation process for quality-control. SciencePOD offers a full catalogue of content creation solutions and services such as specialist journalism, writing, editing, design and multimedia production. SciencePOD is a Dublin-based company. 

About Adaptemy

Adaptemy helps some of the world’s leading education companies create intelligent and adaptive learning products. Pioneering improvements in learning experiences and outcomes since 2015: We have pioneered the latest learning technologies for some of the world’s leading educational companies. Our expertise is in AI and adaptive learning technologies. With a strong research focus and experienced implementation team, we bring learning innovations to life at scale. 

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