AI Summaries to identify relevant clinical studies

Information overload is a major concern in the medical ecosystem with over 2.5 million research papers published every year. At SciencePOD, we have developed a new AI summarisation tool capable of delivering quick, effective AI summaries of clinical studies. 

SciencePOD icon showing AI features

Why summarise? 

  • Increase your customer engagement by 300% with short, digestible content 
  • Produces as many summaries of clinical studies in seconds to create as many touchpoints on your customer journey
  • AI saves a significant amount of time in deciding which study to read in full, by automatically extracting key information 
  • Allow your target audience to keep up-to-date with the latest clinical research 

Automated summarisation is therefore quickly gaining popularity due to its convenience and scalability. Find out how you can create series of AI summaries automatically at scale. 

Discover the ScioWire research newsfeed: summarised scientific knowledge ready to digest.