Which content helps life sciences organisations grow their influence

How Evidence Based Content Grows Life Sciences’ Influence

Boost Your Power to Influence with Evidence-Based Content

How to make storytelling the cornerstone of your content marketing activities to foster patient & HCP engagement

Evidence based content marketing matters to the life sciences and pharma industry. Life sciences and pharma companies need to deliver the same key messages in multiple formats and via multiple channels to reach and inform patients, healthcare professionals (HCPs) and their own non-specialist staff.

This practice of producing multiple versions of the same theme, known as content atomisation, heralds a new approach to content development. It relies on evidence-based storytelling to effectively convey a key message or theme across multiple channels by strategically remixing, refreshing and repeating content. But it is not only the adaptability of the content that matters, it is the quality as well.

Until now, much of the conversation on content marketing has centered on how to measure the impact of marketing campaigns through the use of new tracking technologies and methods. In parallel, companies have developed strategies to gain deeper insights into what their target audiences want and need. Marketing campaigns are then designed and refined based on these audience and impact insights. Regardless of how campaigns are evaluated, effective marketing continues to rely first and foremost on the development of quality content in the form of compelling digital stories.

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