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Combating Digital Fatigue in the Most Efficient Manner

What is digital fatigue and how can we beat it?

Drowning in emails, news reports, work assignments and webinar invites? Avoiding your inbox altogether? You might have a case of digital fatigue.

In the wake of the pandemic, this phenomenon has become widespread among professionals in every field. And expert audiences, business partners and research collaborators are all experiencing increasing levels of digital fatigue.

First, we need to identify what that problem is in order to solve it. 

What are the symptoms of digital fatigue?

Pay attention to these symptoms of digital fatigue in any online audience:

  • Lack of interest: look for reduced engagement on social media, slower email responses and a lack of engagement when prompted for responses
  • Shorter attention span: low click-through rates and reduced page impressions levels on a website
  • Low enthusiasm: low attendance levels for online activities, and poor participation in surveys

Now that we have diagnosed digital fatigue, the next step is to find ways to prevent it.

How to fight digital fatigue?

Firstly, to effectively counter this fatigue among their target audiences, organisations need to get creative, engaging their audience in a meaningful and effective way.

It may seem obvious, but the first step is to listen to the audience. This will allow an understanding of their needs. Also, track engagement by setting KPIs or use surveys to ask them directly. 

Don’t be afraid to alter your digital marketing and communication strategies if something is not working. Trial and error is the best approach to understand what captivates an audience

To build a loyal, active following, it is essential to create t compelling, engaging, credible digital content

Choose quality over quantity 

It’s tempting to try to reinvigorate your audience by churning out digital assets. But this strategy is expensive and inefficient unless the audience’s content preferences are clearly identified. 

By understanding their habits better, it is then possible to adjust the frequency of your communication and invest in creating more individualised content. High-quality content clearly evidenced. Attractive, well-produced content balances an engaging style with rigorous evidence.

It’s often worth investing in a team with complementary skills. Teaming up with an experienced science writer and talented multimedia experts can transform a well-written piece of text into a dynamic, shareable digital asset.

As well, the audience’s attention is stimulated by varying the topics covered. Avoid over-using evergreen content to ensure search engines favour the website for its fresh material. 

The omnichannel strategy

Different audiences respond better to different forms of stimulation. Offer a variety of content formats to intrigue and engage the target audience. Offer them options to suit their consumption habits. Consider the best format for every piece of content, from textual and visual to audio based content.  

Once the content is created, make the most of it with efficient, effective distribution.  Consider an omnichannel strategy for optimal connection with a large audience, e.g. to increase HCP engagement.

Then, help your audience to find and consume your content by placing it where they want to find it. Multimedia formats can stand alone or be integrated into other distribution channels, e.g. an infographic within a video or an expert interview within a podcast.

Bear in mind, though, that quality always beats quantity. Although having a variety of content is ideal, the calibre of that content is the most important aspect.  

Key points about digital fatigue

Wisdom and progress come from listening to your audience and keeping communication channels open. Create high-quality content to attract and retain your audience’s attention and consider subject, format and distribution. In a flood of average-qualitycontent, grab an overwhelmed audience by sharing high-end content that speaks to their interests and needs. 

Not sure where to start? SciencePOD can help with that.

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