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Dublin, 17 October 2022— SciencePOD proudly introduces its latest innovation: ScioWirebeta, at the 2022 Frankfurt Book Fair. Using artificial intelligence (AI), ScioWire helps any knowledge economy professional – from scientists to publishers – access the evidence they need, quickly.

ScioWire uses natural language processing algorithms, developed by our partner Juan-Manuel Torres Moreno, Senior Researcher at the LIA at Avignon Université.

The Process

  1. ScioWire applies each user’s chosen keywords and filters to the latest open-access (OA) papers online, filtering out irrelevant work and ensuring nothing important is missed.
  2. ScioWire’s AI engine generates a feed of contextualised summaries from the full OA papers. These summaries let researchers browse their list at speed and choose which articles are worth reading in full.
  3. More time and evidence for the researcher, and more exposure for the right OA papers.

ScioWire summaries combine a concise breakdown of the research paper with direct extracts highlighting relevant information and the answers to key questions about its findings. Each summary also provides contextual information, including lay definitions for technical jargon, expanded acronyms and a compilation of keywords for future reference.

ScioWire is also a powerful tool for scholarly publishers, enabling them to amplify the impact of research in their portfolio. ScioWire can expand its range of sources to include titles from publishers looking for author-centric productivity tools. Detailed summaries have been shown to increase engagement, helping readers decide to explore the original research. Offering this resource yields much higher impact than the full-size article alone, boosting discoverability and reach. 

A chance to focus

Science communications are changing. Scientists are increasingly incentivised to promote their work at the post-publication stage, with the focus on impact. At the same time, researchers are facing significant pressure to publish quickly, secure more funding and fulfil funder requirements around OA and outreach. 

The average researcher and knowledge economy professional consumes content in 5-15-min timeslots throughout the day. Much of this time is spent finding papers and deciding if they are worth diving into. A clear, thorough feed of digestible summaries saves time, energy and missed opportunities, allowing them to spend more time understanding the research itself.

Learn More

ScioWirebeta is available as a digital magazine and via the SciencePOD platform as a custom newsfeed. 

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About SciencePOD

SciencePOD have supplied clear, concise, compelling digital content to the STEM community for over eight years. Our catalogue includes summarised content in text (professionally crafted and AI-generated), podcast, video and infographic format. Our global community of expert science and medical content creators deliver a suite of content marketing solutions and communication services. These include: science and medical copywriting, science journalism, AI summarisation, the ScioWire newsfeed, specialist editing, design and multimedia production. 

We work with major academic publishers, industry brands and R&D organisations ranging from biopharma to ICT, as well as media organisations and marketing agencies.  The company is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland. 

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