A boat representing Researcher and SciencePOD announce partnership

Strength in Numbers: Researcher and SciencePOD Announce Partnership to Further Open Science

SciencePOD partners with Researcher app to inform the science community

Dublin, Ireland, and London, UK, 15th September 2021— SciencePOD and Researcher proudly announce the signature of a joint partnership to contribute to the Open Science community.

Under the new agreement, Research app users will be able to quickly discover easy-to-understand digests and highlights of the most up-to-date published research in the science community, created by SciencePOD. This is made possible through an integration with SciencePOD’s content creation platform and solutions. Indeed, the SciencePOD platform is now fully integrated with the Researcher app to offer SciencePOD clients the option to distributing their content via the Reseacher app.

“We are delighted to collaborate with Researcher, which brings together an amazing community of scientists with a strong interest in monitoring the latest research advances,” says Sabine Louët, SciencePOD CEO, adding: “We hope that our partnership will continue to develop over time helping to make research accessible to all.”

Starting a new partnership
Starting a new partnership


The SciencePOD and Researcher partnership aim to play a role in furthering open science throughout science communities. The results of progress in a given discipline will now be available to scientists in any other discipline in easy-to-understand and digestible formats, facilitating rapid exchange of ideas and interdisciplinary collaboration.

“We are really excited about making the content created by SciencePOD available on Researcher,” says Olly Cooper, CEO, Researcher, adding: “In making science more accessible, we can help foster collaboration and help others to build on ideas and have the conversations that are needed to help drive science forward.”

About the SciencePOD community

The SciencePOD platform allows clients to easily order content, build expert content creation teams, and oversee the content creation process for quality control. It also offers an AI Summarization module, to generate summaries of research papers at scale. SciencePOD offers a full catalog of content marketing solutions and services including science journalism, writing, editing, design, and multimedia production for academic publishers, industries, and organizations with an R&D focus, such as biopharma and ICT, as well as media organizations, marketing agencies and others working in fields related to science, medicine, and technology. SciencePOD is a Dublin-based company. 


About the Researcher App science community

Founded in 2017, Researcher is a free-to-download app and a web app that aims to make it easy for academics to stay up to date, so they can concentrate on moving their research forward. The researcher is an app built by researchers, for researchers and has over 2 million users globally. Researcher aggregates over 18,000 content sources from journals, preprints, conference proceedings, and industry research from all academic areas into one personalized social media-style feed. A researcher’s mission is to ensure that you never miss an important paper in your field of research. The service parses over 5,000 new abstracts every day, and we generate over 16 million impressions per month. To learn more about the Researcher and its users, you can watch the app’s video. Download the app for free by searching for “researcher” in your smartphone’s app store.

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