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Understanding the original documents outlining the findings of research and the latest technological progress can be a challenge. SciencePOD raises awareness of the latest research and innovative work by making this knowledge accessible to new audiences.

How do we do it?

We transform complex science into concise digital stories that are easy to understand and share. Our clients include leading scientific publishers, international academic and research organisations, funding agencies, non-governmental organisations, scientific charities, marketing agencies, R&D industry and government agencies .

In essence, SciencePOD’s content helps to increase transparency and accountability in research development and technological innovation.

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“I saw data from a top-ranking university department which showed a 10-fold increase in views and usage of freely available research articles/findings after a year of very limited, but skilled, effort on promotion. (The usage numbers moved from less than 10,000 per annum to a run rate approaching 100,000 per annum.) Just a couple of written summaries a month and a social media post each week!

It’s amazing that top ranking research institutions are so poorly equipped when it comes to Open Access and everything surrounding it.

If only research funders understood how little some of the research is getting out there!”

Michael Lamb, Strategy Consultant, Publishing

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