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Helping life science companies explain their latest R&D progress.

Your innovations change lives. Explain why and how to patients, healthcare professionals, internal teams and health insurers with SciencePOD’s self-managed content platform.

Medical communication life science brands can trust

Are your life sciences innovations and clinical research clearly communicated to your audiences?

Have you got the right content to communicate with healthcare professionals, patients, health insurers and your internal teams as part of your digital transformation?

SciencePOD’s platform helps biotech, pharma, e-health brands create evidence-based content that is designed to engage healthcare professionals and patients via omnichannel communication.

Why SciencePOD?

Why SciencePOD?

Since 2014, we’ve built a global network to over 600 vetted medical and science content creators .

Our cloud-based platform gives instant access to specialist teams working collaboratively.

What makes SciencePOD content creators unique?

  • They are skilled in creative storytelling to support engaging digital communications
  • Our content creators have niche expertise in over 150 specialties in medicine and healthcare, science and technology subjects , often at PhD Level
  • Our creative teams quickly bring together medical, science and tech writers, editors, infographic artists, podcasters, animators and videographers
  • They speak multiple languages and understand the role that cultural awareness and localisation play in engaging target audiences.

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