How SciencePOD helped Wiley Science Solutions turn a technical webinar into multichannel content

Case Study

By SciencePOD Editor
18th October 2021

Wiley Science Solutions (WSS), trusted partner of laboratory scientists all over the world and home to the world’s largest collection of spectroscopy data, launched a highly successful masterclass webinar series in September 2020. To keep up event engagement, they reached out to SciencePOD, who produced three blog posts highlighting different stand-out aspects of the series. With a view to repeat that success, WSS turned their attention to a different webinar by their spectral interpretation expert, Dr. James de Haseth. This focused on their flagship spectral software package, KnowItAll.


The stated goal of WSS was to educate prospective users on the type of applications that KnowItAll could be used for, particularly in real-world settings such as forensics. The webinar detailed Dr. de Haseth’s identification of an unknown, suspected illegal compound as part of a federal case and how he had used the KnowItAll software in the process. In other words, it was an ideal starting point for a campaign raising awareness of real-world applications.

Due to WSS’s global presence and varied audience, counting both academics and industry professionals, the campaign would ideally be realised in a way that reached the user base in different ways. However, both the webinar and the software package required a high level of subject-specific knowledge to understand and communicate. The intended audience were either experts in the field, who might be interested in KnowItAll for use in their own laboratories, or soon-to-be experts looking to learn about the world’s largest spectral library and its accompanying specialised software. Any communications would need to put the scientific content centre stage.

WSS realised that in order to spread the word about KnowItAll’s real-world applications and reach their intended audiences, they needed a scientifically competent content creation partner, who was able to produce a range of content of high scientific accuracy, potentially for different communication channels.

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