How AI can help scale your evidence-based content


By SciencePOD Editor
12th September 2021
How AI can help scale your evidence-based content
  • Are you using the right kind of digital assets for your multichannel communication strategy?
  • Are you looking for automated content creation solutions to help fight digital fatigue?
  • Do you find it difficult to engage with your target audiences because of their limited attention span?

If you’ve answered yes to any of the questions above, join our upcoming Fireside Chat: How to use AI to enhance your engagement

Speakers include:

– Sabine Louët, Founder & CEO of evidence-based content creation solution, SciencePOD.

– Jose Maria Guido Avila, Global Brand Lead HCP Marketing at multinational pharmaceutical company Sanofi.


We will discuss the details of SciencePOD’s recent partnership with Sanofi to increase the level of engagement of healthcare professionals around the latest innovation in medical research.

This event’s main focus discusses the benefits of relying on AI to create content capable of bringing new ways of communicating with highly specialised audiences, such as healthcare professionals, researchers or clinicians.

Finding suitable content to engage them is key in a context where these audiences have received more than 100% more emails and were invited to almost 400% more webinars during the pandemic.

To solve this engagement challenge, we will look into developing innovative ways of providing evidence-based material derived from AI-generated summaries of research papers, published by speakers invited to speak at medical congresses.

By attending the webinar you will:

  • Find ways of increasing your brand awareness
  • Hear about the best medical communication practices from the leaders in the industry
  • Identify which formats are best to share information
  • Discover how to stand out from the crowd while controlling your costs
  • Learn about creating content using AI

Don’t delay and register today for this event.

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