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The SciencePOD Edge.

A global network of over 600 professional content creators, specialising in science, medicine, healthcare, innovation and technology.

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SciencePOD makes it easy to order the quality content you need


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The SciencePOD platform takes the editorial workflow of content creation to the cloud.


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Each individual piece of content is subjected to a rigorous quality-control process.


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The SciencePOD platform allows you to allocate each job to the right team, selected from our community of pre-vetted science journalists, writers, editors and multimedia producers.


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We’re multidisciplinary, multilingual and multimedia savvy.

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Founder & CEO

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Chief Content Officer

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Head of Commercial Partnerships

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Digital Marketing Specialist

Alan Aerts

Creative Director


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The HCP engagement mess we’re in. And how we get out

The HCP engagement mess we’re in. And how we get out

While other industries have responded swiftly to the need for a more insightful approach to their digital content during the pandemic, Pharma has been dragging its heels. So much so that it is starting to frustrate audiences and fuelling existing digital fatigue. The increasing gap between the content healthcare professionals (HCPs) are asking for and the content being provided needs to be addressed. Preferably yesterday.

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What is Scientific Dissemination?

What is Scientific Dissemination?

Scientific dissemination is present in every part of life. Every media carries stories related to scientific or medical progress, be it on the news, on or in feature style stories. Without dissemination, scientific communities would never communicate, projects ...

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